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There is a miracle in a seed that causes it to grow in the right environment and under the right conditions. It needs water, sunlight and some protection from weeds, slugs and insects..

It also needs TIME.

In our fast food, extreme home makeover, short attention span lifestyles, where we can be found watching TV with our smart phones in our hands, we do not often discipline ourselves through the sometimes, long process of growing positively - to process change and to be transformed as our minds are renewed to new truths. We would rather entertain ourselves than educate ourselves.

The Bible talks about guarding our heart/thoughts with all diligence, because everything we do flows from it. I think of my heart as a garden that needs cultivating and caring for. If left on its own, it will grow wild and impenetrable - hostile to me and to those around me. EVERY seed - both the good and bad - the roses and the Japanese knotweed - will vie for space and survival. By cultivating my heart and thoughts, I am actively planting the truth of who I am and pulling out the weeds of bitterness, fear and every other thought and argument that is contrary to who God says I am or can be. There are seasons where this is hard work!

But, thankfully, there are also seasons where the garden is thriving - at its show best - and I can enjoy its peace and beauty and also allow others in to rest in the shade of the branches.

The truth is that the seeds we allow into our garden will grow - both the good and the bad. TIME will reveal what we have allowed to grow so it is ALWAYS a good time to weed the bad and seed the good thoughts we want our life to flow from.

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Peter Jones
Peter Jones
2018년 5월 23일

Titi, this is really true. Thank you for your wisdom.

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