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Updated: Nov 16, 2018

We were made for community – both horizontal community with each other, but also for vertical community with our Creator. There is a longing that goes unfulfilled when we do not connect with others. Very often, we learn to live with this sense of isolation, but we instinctively come alive once we make those connections, however briefly. It really is possible to be known and to know others.

Fostering positive connections requires time and effort. We need to be prepared to make ourselves vulnerable and to risk rejection but we need to bear in mind the benefits that come from patiently and persistently pursuing the right person to meet with – a child to encourage, a friend to laugh with, our partner and God to be intimate with.

We can take careful steps to create an environment within and without, that will encourage connections – deliberately removing emotional walls of separation as we find our internal place of peace, creating spaces for positive communication by playing games, eating food, watching movies by encouraging and providing space to linger comfortably. We can explore the engagement of our five senses as we use the smells and sights of scented candles, beautiful music and fabrics and good foods to explore a more intimate setting for private connections.

We can be deliberate in making our homes available for positive interactions for family, friends and community.



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