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Updated: Mar 13, 2018

There is great power and energy in the place of agreement. It is possible to be in conflict with those we live with and it is also possible to be in conflict with ourselves and there is usually a huge investment in time and energy and resolve to stay in this state of ‘unrest’. Unity and harmony are less stressful!

The story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible shows us that the sky is literally the limit when people speak with one language and work together. A household working together to define a common vision that everybody works towards is a very unifying and positive step towards accomplishing the goal of Unity. It could be a spiritual goal – for all members of the household to draw closer to God or be free to worship without judgement; it could be an emotional goal – an atmosphere of encouragement with no bullying or shaming; a physical goal – to eat healthily and get fit…

We need to find this unity and oneness within ourselves also. We must give ourselves ‘permission to become’. It is helpful to know who we were called to be and grow into that person just as an apple tree is still called an apple tree even if it is out of season or a young sapling with no apples on it.

This permission to become is also important to extend to those we live with to foster this space of Unity. It is a place of great power where, according to the Bible, the Holy Spirit loves to dwell.

Forgiveness and the word ‘Sorry...’ are important tools in the goal of unity. Use them often and generously.

#Unity #Harmony


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